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Saturday, 13 May 2017

7 Amazing YouTube Tips Tricks and Pranks

Posted by Desi Boys
I’ll be stupid if I ask what is your favorite site to watch to videos online. Isn't it?
Of Course ! YouTube
You can also think of you tube as a social site. Where you can share videos with your friends and see ideas of other peoples too.

Well if you are a you tube addict and used to spend too much time on it like me for entertaining and learning stuff, this is for you my friend. Here we have some best, less used, mostly secret youtube tricks and tips that you probably don’t know about.

youtube tips tricks pranks

1. Create link that start video from any specific time

This trick is very handy in a situation where you want to share any youtube with your friend but you want them to start video at any specific time. In other words, you want your shared video to start at any certain time.
Step 1:- Open video.
Step 2:- Pause the video at time where you want it to start after sharing.(Imagine you want it to start after 15 seconds.)
Step 3:- Click the share button.
Step 4 :- Now the most important, check the box “Start at” and then share the Video.

youtube video share

2.   Watch-Later

One of my favorite, if you found a great video on you-tube and you don’t have time to see the video but the video is worth watching. In that case, just open the video, Click Add To  and finally click the Watch Later playlist.
It’ll be added to watch later playlist and you can watch it anytime you want by going to Playlists > Watch Later.

youtube watch later

3.  Keyboard Shortcuts

Make it easy to use youtube by using these shortcut keys.
Space or k – To Pause and Play
J – Rewind 10 Seconds
F – Fast Forward to 10 Seconds
M – To Mute Video
Number 0 – To start the video again from starting
Number  1 to 9 – To start the video from its 10% to 90%

4. Speed Control

Lets say you want to see something in video in slow motion or in fast . That’s where this tricks comes in handy. Using this trick, you can control video play speed or you can play it in slow motion.
To adjust the speed,  Click the gear icon, Click Speed and Adjust it according to you.

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5.  Download Video

There are various methods of downloading  videos from youtube. Some of them are working. But here is the best and working of method of downloading the video if you don’t want any hassle.
Open the video you want to download and put ss just after www. and before youtube and press enter.
You will be redirected to SaveFrom website, where you can download it in various formats.

youtube video download trick

6. Keyboard Operated Version of Youtube

Not feeling comfortable while using mouse or touchpad? Suppose your toucpad is not working properly and you want to use with keyboard. Whatever the reason is. Just open below URL address in your PC.

Now you gonna see completely different and keyboard driven version like online tv.

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7. Prank

Well its not a trick. But you can call it if you want. Its just a prank. Open youtube and type doge meme hit search and watch magic. You will see a colorful version.

Hope you enjoyed it. These tricks can help you in certain ways. Share these awesome youtube tips tricks with your  friends.

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  1. I did not know so many facts about the work of YouTube. This is a very interesting article for me.