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Saturday, 11 March 2017

What is DOS and DDOS Attack | Introduction to Denial of Service and LOIC

Posted by Desi Boys
In this tutorial we will talk about what is dos and ddos attack. Using DoS and DDoS , you can take down a web server from serving its services. We already know these DoS and DDoS terms as I introduced you about these in my previous post about website hacking methods.

But, again, first of all we would like to have a look at small introduction of both terms.

What is DoS?
                DoS stand for Denial of Service. As its name suggests, this attack makes victim’s server deny from serving its services to legitimate visitors. In other words, an attacker send too much traffic to a web server in a manner that the server immediately stop serving its services or slow down and its intended users will not be able access the server and its services any more until the attacker stop attacking.
What is DDoS?
                DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Sometimes, when our target is behind firewall and firewalls may deny the traffic from same IP Address if firewalls came to know that server is getting unexpected amount of traffic from same visitor or ip address.

In that case, we have DDoS. This attack is performed by various computers or by using multiple ip addresses. Then it becomes DDoS attack. Because they are using multiple IP addresses or multiple computer systems say about 1000 or more they will be able to success fully DDoS a server.

what is dos ddos

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A list of some of the best DoS and DDoS website hacking tools is in the end of the post.

OK! Introduction is Enough Now.

Let’s start hacking. (Ohhh! Yeaah)

First of all, we will perform DoS attack using LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Conan) in Windows 8. Download link is in the end of the post. It is very effective and easy to understand tool. So let’s start.

Step 1:- Open LOIC. Locate the box named 1. Select the target. Now you have two choices to enter your target, either by entering URL or IP Address of victim. Choice is yours. After entering the target you need to click on Lock On button next to URL or IP Address based upon the method you used.

loic dos tool select target

Step 2:- In third box named Attack Options leave all options as it is. In the method box choose which type of traffic you want to use for DoS attack. You have TCP, UDP and HTTP. I am choosing UDP.  In TCP/UDP Message enter any text or message. This message will appear in header of packet.  For example, I am writing here, Hacked for the sake of this tutorial.

loic choose method

Step 3:- Finally, Click on big button named IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER to start the attack. As you can see in Attack Status, LOIC has already sent many requests till now.

loic launch dos attack

To stop attack, click on Stop Flooding button.
So that’s how to use famous DOS tool LOIC.

Best DOS and DDOS Tool
LOIC (Download)
HOIC (Download)
Hulk (Download)
GoldenEye (Download)
DDosim (Download)
SlowLoris (Download)

Now that you have basic of what is dos and ddos attack, you can perform dos attack using above tools.
Hope you enjoyed hacking. Hulk and Slowloris are Python and Perl scripts respectively.
To protect your server from DOS and DDOS you can use Honeypots and other Intrusion Detection Systems. 


  1. wow, I had no idea that such attacks exist, thanks for opening my eyes!

  2. I'm just shocked that this could be, thanks for being warned, now I'll be more attentive.