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Sunday, 20 November 2016

6 best android hacking tricks in 2016

Posted by Desi Boys
Android is the coolest operating system of today specially designed for touch screen devices. Today, I will show you some android hacking tricks, which are unused or unknown mostly.

Everyone use android devices now days, but most of them are not aware of some cool features of android. So, I am here today to tell you about some of the best features of android or you can say some cool android hacking tricks.

In this post, I am covering only 6 android tricks. You can search for other hacking tricks on Google. These tricks works in non-rooted smart phones, but some tricks requires you to have a rooted phone.

So let’s start.

best android hacking tricks

Best Android Hacking Tricks

Android Launchers
To make your android phone looking a bit cool, we can use free android launcher apps. This can give your phone a completely new design. Here is a list of some best launcher apps
                NEXT3D Launcher

Hack Wi-Fi
You can hack wifi using an app named WPS connect. But this app have some limitations that it can only hack wifi having WPS protocol enabled, Because WPS have some built in vulnerabilities. You can download WPS connect from play store or you can also follow below link.

Record Slow Motion Videos
Now you can also record slow motion effects videos using these android apps like you see in movies. These apps can’t give you full features but at least they are very cool in recording slow motion videos. You can download these apps from play store.
                SlowMotion Video FX

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Add Recycle Bin
 In windows pc, we have a program called Recycle Bin, which can be used to restore any deleted file from your computer. But, how can we do the same for our android phones? Well, we can use an android app named Recycle Bin or other app like Dumpster which works like Recycle Bin program in windows. Download Recycle Bin and Dumpster app from play store or use this link. In fact I am also using this app, because these apps help in case you accidentally delete any important file.
                Recycle Bin
                Dumpster App

dumpster recycle bin

Block Apps Temporarily
You can use this trick if your phone disturbing you while doing something important task like preparing for exams. We have some apps which can be used to block apps temporarily for specific time. Use below link or install them from Play Store.
                Clear Block - Block Distraction

Increase Wi-Fi Speed
There are various methods of increasing wifi speed; one of them is by kicking off other connections from that wifi. Ok, we are going to use an app Wi-Fi Kill which can be used to complete this task. Public Wi-Fi generally has lots of connections which lead to slow speed. You can use this app to disconnect other connections from and it will increase your speed.
                Wi-Fi Kill

So these are some of the best android hacking tricks which are mostly unused. But now, you can use these tricks to make your phone a bit more interesting.

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