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Sunday, 9 October 2016

UDP vs TCP Protocols

Posted by Desi Boys
TCP and UDP are two main protocols of transport layer. In this post, we will learn about these two protocols. It’s very important for networking professionals to know about these two protocols. Questions abut these protocols are also asked now a days in many IT interviews. So it’s very important to know about these two protocols.
This post will not give you in depth knowledge but we will try to cover some important things about these protocols.

udp vs tcp protocols

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

è         TCP is connection oriented protocol. It means, it will establish reliable connection before transmitting data from one host to another. From connection oriented, I mean it gives you the guarantee of data transmission. It performs error checks means if any packet is dropped while transmitting, it will retransmit that packet automatically. It gives acknowledgment of all the packets that has transmitted or received.

è Connection setup process:-
->First of all, client’s pc send request to server called sync.
->Then server response to client’s request and send connection back called sync  acknowledgment.
->After that, client again sends connection to server.
->This process is also called three way handshakes. Data transmission starts after this process     is done.

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è Working of TCP:-

When client request for file from server, TCP protocol breaks the file in small packets and then transmit them. Every packet has same source and destination IP address. It gives acknowledgment of dropped packets and then re transmits it to destination. After transmission successfully done, client’s device assemble all the packets and gets the file.

è Characteristics  of TCP:-

-Works on transport layer of OSI model
-Connection oriented protocol. Means to say that, it will setup reliable connection first and then transmits the data.
-It gives acknowledgment of every transmitted and dropped packet.
-It gives slow speed as compared to UDP.
-It gives guarantee of data transmission.

UDP (User Datagram Protocol):-
è        It is a protocol used to send messages called datagram. It is a non-reliable connection less protocol. It means It do not give guarantee of data transmission. It is officially defined in RFC 768. Like TCP, it also works on transport layer. It doesn’t check for errors.

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è Working of UDP:-

There’s no need to know about the working of UDP because this protocol is connection less protocol. There is no handshake like TCP. It only send packets and does not give acknowledgment.

è Characteristics of UDP:-

-It is not reliable.
-Does not give guarantee of data transmission.
-There is no acknowledgement.
-Speed is fast as compared to TCP because it does not set up reliable connection. 
-Usually used in while watching videos online, in video conferencing, in online real time computer gaming etc.

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In our next, we will learn about IP addressing. So keep visiting my blog you can also subscribe to get latest post in your inbox and share this post if you liked it.


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