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Monday, 10 October 2016

How to change your ip address

Posted by Desi Boys
IP address is unique address of any device on the network. In this post, we gonna learn about IP address,  and and how to change your ip address.

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IP Address: -
IP address or internet protocol address is unique address of device on any network. It is 32 bit string of number. IP address serve two main functions that is network interface identification and location identification.

IP versions: -
There are two versions of IP.

1.       IPv4 : - This is 4 byte numerical string each separated with dots. It is  32 bit address because 4 bytes = 32 bits. This version of IP is deprecating day by day because of the increase growth of the internet.  There are 4294967296 possible combinations.

2.       IPv6 : - IPv4 is deprecated because of the increase in growth of internet users. So, a new version was made in 1995 that is IPv6 which is 128 bits. A big difference between them is IPv4 only consists of numbers but IPv6 consist of alphabets and numbers.

How to change IP address: -

In our this process we will use a software called Proxifier. This software is not free but you can download its trial version from their website. Click on below link to download.

Install software after downloading from above webpage link.

Step 1:- Open the installed software.  You will see a notice of activation while opening it, Click on Continue Evaluation button.

Step 2:- You will see the first software screen. Click on Profile > Proxy Servers.

how to change your ip address

Step 3: - From a pop up window click on Add.

change ip address proxifier add button

Step 4:- Now we need to get some proxy for our work to be done. Just go to below link.

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Step 5:- You will see list of some ip address and ports. Copy the IP address and Port from there of latest updated time. Also notice their protocol HTTP, HTTPS or Socks.

change ip address proxy list

Step 6:- Now again go to Add window that you have opened in step 3. And enter the copied IP Address an d port. Also select the protocol type if it is HTTPS or Socks 4/5

enter proxy change ip address

Step 7:- I recommend you to check and make sure that it is working properly, click on check button to check. If it is not, try another from proxy list. But you need a working proxy. It will show test failed notice in red color to show that proxy is not working.

proxy test failed change ip address

Step 8:- After everything set click on OK button.

change ip address be anonymous

And now your ip address is successfully changed.  You can browse web anonymously. One of the another great advantage of changing ip address is that you can browse the services or website which are banned in your country.

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