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Thursday, 7 July 2016

3 ways to hack someones facebook account

Posted by Desi Boys

Facebook is a social networking site created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. And now it is used by almost everyone in the world. Now facebook has 1.59 billion active users per month. We all use facebook for chatting with our friends; share our thoughts, our locations, our birthdays, our day to day activities and almost everything. We can say that facebook knows everything about us.

Besides this there are also some bad peoples who use it for malicious purposes like sending viruses, stealing our identity, blackmailing peoples. And even anyone can hack into your facebook account to see your conversation with your friends and families, to abuse anyone, to get more information about you.

Ok just leave. In this post, I will tell some common methods to hack someone’s facebook accounts. This is a list of some common types of techniques used by hackers or cyber criminals to get unauthorised access to anyone’s account. At the end of every method, I will tell countermeasure or trick to protect you from these hacking methods.
Phishing Attack:-

In this type of attack, hacker sends you a link. When you click on the link, you get redirected to login page of facebook. And when you enter your email and password to login, you email and password get stored in a file on server. Then hacker open the file, get login details and hacker use these details to login in your account.
Carefully check the url of page where you are log in. If you’re logging in on facebook then make sure that there is https://facebook should available in url.

Session Hijacking:-

When you login on any website or Facebook, your login details get saved in browser cookies to make your browsing experience more comfortable. In this type of attack, hacker can steal your browser cookies and then inject theses cookies to his/her browser and when he opens website, it will automatically open your account.
Always clear your browser cookies after logging out or leaving your computer.

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Using keyloggers:-

Keylogger is simply a computer program that gets installed in your browser secretly without your knowledge. Once this software installed, it starts recording every keystroke or everything you enter from your keyboard and then send it to hacker.
Install and use antispyware and antikeylogger tools.

It is not finished yet, there are also some other methods to hack someone’s face book account. And I recommend you to keep your personal details private. Don’t share anything about you unless you trust the person. And use these countermeasures also to keep yourself safe.


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