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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Google hacking techniques 2016

Posted by Desi Boys
In today's hacking day, we will learn about google hacking tips and tricks and hacks. Its not serious dude. There are some tips and tricks you can use to hack google and get your preferred results. I will tell you some google commands used to get sensitive information now a days.

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google hacking techniques 2016

No doubts, google is the best search engine in the world. You can search for your problems and you will also get solution of your problem almost. But their are some other peoples who can use it to get suspicious information. And this is what i will tell you today. I will show you how to search on google using some of its commands and get most of it. I am not talking about hacking into database. I am just talking about searching on google using right tricks.

Here today, i will show you how to use some commands of google to search and get some sensitive data and get more information. These are the techniques that that hackers and penetration tester use to gather and collect information about their targets.

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OK here are some commands to use in google and get what you wants. So open another tab and use these commands on google one by one.

So lets start with some some simple commands .

In url is the simplest command and first command you should try first. This command will search for particular keyword in url of indexed websites. See below command for example.

inurl:android tricks

When you will search on google using this command, it will search for all links of websites in android tricks keyword is available. So if you wants to search another thing just replace android tricks keyword with your keyword and search for it. Bu remember their is colon after inurl.

This command will search for particular keyword in title of all indexed websites. This is another simplest command. See the example:

intitle:android tricks

If you will search above command in google, it will give you all results with android tricks in their title. So, if you wants a specific post, just use this command and type your keyword, you will instantly get your desired results.

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Suppose, you wants to get a file of specific format. So you can use this trick to get your desired type of file. I always use this command to get pdf files. So lets have a look at example of this command.

Intitle:android tricks filetype:pdf

As you can see, i used two commands in this example. This command will search for all pdf files which have android tricks keyword in their title. If you wants to get text file, just replace pdf to txt from above command or replace pdf with your desired file format, you wants yo get.

This command will search for any particular thing on any specific website. See the example for more reference. filetype:pdf

Above command will search for all pdf files on website. You see, this command is used in situation when you wants to get information from any particular.

So these are most simplest simplest commands for google hacking. If you are beginner to google hacking, i recommend you to just try these codes first. In the next part of this google hacking tutorial, i will show you how to use these google hacking techniques to find sites that are vulnerable to hacking.

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